You Are On Your Way To The Best Education On The Planet! ... but first, a few MUST-DO's
What to do first...

Step #1: You are a part of the family now! Your free month of access to our private Facebook Inner Circle Group starts today so join now by CLICKING THIS LINK HERE

Step #2: Action BONUS congrats for taking action.  Be on the lookout for a email from me or someone on my team that will give you links to my weekly Artist Spotlight and Bullet Improv online group trainings which you can also watch during your first month for free.  (no charge for over $100/week in online workshop viewing) 

Step#3 You can use your FREE live coaching feedback coupon code in the Artist Spotlight online session any time.  But once you’ve used that we are also going to email you a THIRD ACTION BONUS coupon that will let you book any number of additional live coaching feedback during any of my online workshops during the next 30 days at a ridiculously low cost if you really want to jumpstart your training with even more live feedback to take your craft and career to the next level

Step #4 White list our emails so I can keep you posted on tips and next steps! If we call it will come from a (702) number and will simply be a quick on-boarding call to get you started on the right foot, or invite you to a last minute FREE webinar opportunity!

Make sure to watch the video!

“We have actually found that those that take full advantage of the video on this page and jump right into both of our FREE online session bonuses actually achieve more with their time in our Artist Spotlight Group. It’s crazy!”