You Can become a Working Actor or Voiceover any Character in 8 Weeks and win Auditions from anywhere!!
Here's Your 8 Week Lesson Plan and Limited Time
$1,100+ LIVE Coaching Bonus:
  • Digital lesson and Coaching session #1
    Weeks 1 and 2: The #1 Reason Your Experiencing Stage Fright in Auditions…
  • Digital lesson and Coaching session #2
    Weeks 3 and 4: You Don’t Have To SPEND THOUSANDS to learn how to breakdown scripts …
  • Digital lesson and Coaching session #3
    Weeks 5 and 6: You Don’t Have To MEMORIZE the lines, in fact it kills your imagination…
  • Digital lesson and Coaching session #4
    Weeks 7 and 8: Move to Hollywood or set up your home studio, you are ready to show your unique character and start to deposit cash-money in the bank…
  • BONUS 2 more follow up Audition Coaching Sessions during your 1st 90 days after graduation (Value = $440)

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The ONLY in-home 8 week acting and voiceover training intensive including 4 LIVE one-on-one-coaching sessions (Value=$720) plus 4 digital home study videos (Value=$487) plus 2 follow up audition coaching bonus sessions (Value=$440)
Very limited only 50 spots...*
CenterStage Intensive:
Step-by-Step Auditioning, Breaking Down and Memorizing Scripts that land Agents, Nailing Screentests and secret Hollywood Exercises to Maximize Your Creativity And Crush Your Goals!
Here's what students are saying...*

Starts Wednesday @ 3pm PST

  • Just like athletes need a coach helping them rise to higher and added layers of performance, so do you!!
  • That's why I am taking you into my personal Inner Circle, so I can share that advice, videos of me teaching students you can learn from and special live improv session insights

    Here's what this involves:
  • Every month I spend at least an hour with you LIVE
  • ​I give a monthly lesson session teaching and answering Q&A live on any topic in performance, health, exercise, connecting, managing finance, you name it!!
  • I also sometimes give shouts out to recognize group member triumphs or slip in an audition tip for one or two attendees with specific upcoming events
  • ​My students and inner circle members report HUGE gains in craft, confidence and motivation every month keeping you on fire with the passion to drive you to your ABSOLUTE BEST ATTITUDE AND SELF
  • ​You and your dream career aspirations do not have to be alone anymore and you never have to listen to anyone who is not supportive because this interactive community group is for actors supporting actors!!
  • ​You become part of something bigger than yourself, your city, your state, and all limitations!!