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  • Benefit: The Artist Spotlight is ONLY for people willing to do the following: 1) Play full out 2) Be coachable 3) Push yourself 4) Have fun. If you can comfortably do these four things, this may be a perfect fit for you.
  • Feature: The Artist Spotlight is for those business men and women performing at the highest level of his or her industry and area ready to collaborate with the greatest minds on the planet to take them to the next level.
  • Icon: This isn't for people who struggled to raise $250k just so they could get in this elite group. (We don't want to put anyone in a financial bind.)
This group is an interactive community
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LIVE Weekly one-on-one webinar Training with Michael

Every week, I'm live teaching you shortcuts, secrets, success habits and tools -- mapping out the blueprint to get you to that next level of winning roles you've always dreamed of.


“Michael P. has the ability to handle whatever level you are at (beginner to seasoned) and add to your bag of tricks and you'll have a lot of laughs while doing it.”


complementary Artist Spotlight Audition ticket and a free digital download of the powerful Meridian Grounding exercise used in the Bullet Improv Training ticket over $300 in value

after 60 days of regular membership on this offer, I'm giving you FREE session in my live groups for one-on-one LIVE feedback-- mapping out the blueprint to get you to that next level of winning roles you've always dreamed of.

Michael R.

“Michael P. has the ability to handle whatever level you are at (beginner to seasoned) and add to your bag of tricks and you’ll have a lot of laughs while doing it.”


  • Just like athletes need a coach helping them rise to higher and added layers of performance, so do you!!
  • That's why I am taking you into my personal Inner Circle, so I can share that advice, videos of me teaching students you can learn from and special live improv session insights
  • Here's what this involves:
  • Every month I spend at least an hour with you LIVE
  • ​I give a monthly lesson session teaching and answering Q&A live on any topic in performance, health, exercise, connecting, managing finance, you name it!!
  • I also sometimes give shouts out to recognize group member triumphs or slip in an audition tip for one or two attendees with specific upcoming events
  • My students and inner circle members report HUGE gains in craft, confidence and motivation every month keeping you on fire with the passion to drive you to your ABSOLUTE BEST ATTITUDE AND SELF
  • You and your dream career aspirations do not have to be alone anymore and you never have to listen to anyone who is not supportive because this interactive community group is for actors supporting actors!!
  • You become part of something bigger than yourself, your city, your state, and all limitations!!
    And I'll let you "test me out" for just $59 $27. I have been teaching auditioning, scene study, improvisation and realism exercises for over 10 years that range from $225 per hour/class but you get to see me work with many others facing similar challenges EVERY MONTH, and to make sure you are THRILLED with the community you can get in for just $59 $27

    Why might I be a good coach for you?

    Here's what others have said about me...
  • I studied at Lee Strasberg in NYC and listening to you talk brought me right back. You are a gifted teacher and your passion and knowledge for the craft shine through. You explain the art better than either teacher I had. Gretchen R.
  • Michael has a way of showing people what their strengths are, as well as their challenges to overcome, that will transform you into a quality actor. He has a dynamic range of tools that will get you beyond where you even thought you needed to be. To work with Michael has been a gift. Kristeena
  • Michael P. has the ability to handle whatever level you are at (beginner to seasoned) and add to your bag of tricks and you'll have a lot of laughs while doing it. Michael
  • Direct and to the point. Great at providing context and framework for feedback that was easy to understand. I had the opportunity to work with Michael in a classroom setting so got to see how he worked with each person individually and he tailored his method of feedback to specifically help each person. Cathy


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