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Here's How To Eliminate 99% Of Your Acting Fear & Audition Competition In Less Than 5 Minutes Using 3 Simple Tips!!


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I studied at Lee Strasberg in NYC and listening to you talk brought me right back. You are a gifted teacher and your passion and knowledge for the craft shine through. You explain the art better than either teacher I had. Gretchen R.
  • No Doubt Your Confidence will Soar with Know-How:

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“Michael Profunato has the ability to handle whatever level you are at (beginner to seasoned) and add to your bag of tricks and you'll have a lot of laughs while doing it.” Michael R.


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“I have studied with Michael Profunato and many other coaches. He has a very unique approach, and I have enjoyed his classes immensely. He is incredibly good at guiding you into “becoming” the role that you are playing, not just acting it out. I highly recommend him as a teacher and coach!”       Kevin

“Michael you are so facile with this technique that your unique ability to capture what seems complicated and boil it down to a few lessons for success any actor can follow is remarkable! It’s all there.”

– JOHNNY SARNO, Hollywood Acting Teacher, Mentor and Nominated Actor

I just finished going through the relaxation exercise this morning and wanted to let you know how much it means to have that tool. opened my eyes, I smiled and told myself ‘what a blessing!’ I can feel the benefits all ready and I am truly grateful .. Michelle M.

Michael has a very insightful eye for reading copy and finding details and truths I hadn’t noticed. In my time with him, he was able to see things in the script and then show them to me in a way I could understand. Justin

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