John Sarno Acting Coach

John Sarno is an award winning actor who has been featured in numerous TV shows and films over the years—including Baretta, NYPD Blue and Kojak on the small screen, and 7 Minutes and The Zodiac on the big screen.

John spent many years at the Lee Strasberg Institute and the Actors Studio, where he became very close with Lee Strasberg, the man at the helm of the Actors Studio for more than 30 years. When Lee first saw John's work, he invited him into the Exclusive Master Class and later became John's private mentor—to the point where John lived with the Strasberg family off and on for several years. Before the end of his life Lee put John at the top of the list of teachers at the Lee Strasberg Institute.

It is this close bond between Lee Strasberg and John that formed the basis for John’s teaching success. Over the years John has coached over 500 students in Lee Strasberg's techniques, in both starring and co-staring roles—which means that many of the most watched shows, films and commercials for over a generation have had, and continue to have, John Sarno students in them.

John Sarno is easily one of the most sought-after coaches in Hollywood, and, just as Tracy Britton says, “John Sarno is the best acting teacher on either coast.”